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We´re making various kind of electronic systems using our electronic controllers and sensors.


Our Product


We offer advanced security products you can trust, preventing auto theft and other threats to your car – one of your most important assets. Our products are also userfriendly and convenient.


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Electrical Test Inclusive

  • Main stator windings.
  • Insulation resistance & PI test.
  • Resistance test.
  • Tan-Delta test.
  • El-Cid test.
  • Main rotor.
  • Insulation resistance & PI test.
  • Resistance test.
  • Impendence test.
  • Exciter, diodes, assembly.
  • Resistance & insulation test of exciter fields.
  • Resistance & insulation test of exciter armature.
  • Resistance test of stator winding RTDs.
  • Electrical test of rotating diodes.
  • Electrical test of heaters.
  • Winding re-varnish as required.
  • Generator rotor insertion and re-position.
  • Final running clearance record required of generator.
  • Re-install generator enclosure.
  • Final alignment record & re-couple (gearbox – generator).
  • Complete generator re-assembling.

Manufacture and Sale of Various Types of Switches and Key Lock Automotive

Switch Products (Multi-Function Switches, Power Window Switches, Power Outer Mirror Switches and Others). Security Products (Key Sets, Steering Lock Assemblies and Others)

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